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Bob Long G6R 4c Eye Upgrade

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The G6R has proven to be one of the most popular markers currently for being fast, lightweight and extremely efficient. What else can make this marker better? Make it faster by adding the 4c eye system and have the marker operate as efficiently as possible. The 4c Eyes fit in exactly where the stock eyes are, the 2 pairs of eyes work together with the electronic marker board and solenoid. The 2 pairs of eyes is located at the top and bottom of the board, when the top pair sees a paintball falling into the breech, this will start the solenoid to get pre-charged and will fire the paintball when the 2nd lower set of eyes see's the paintball. This eliminates fraction of seconds, seems relatively small but when you want to send a thick rope of paint at your opponent a few moments makes all the difference. Easy to install and one of the best upgrades you can do to your G6R!


  • Easy and direct replacement from stock eyes
  • 2 Pairs of eyes allow the marker to cut down time to charge up your solenoid
  • 4C Eyes increases rate of fire from 25bps to 30bps
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