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Bob Long 2012 G6R - Dust Black/Lime

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The Bob Long G6R Intimidator is the most advance marker that has come out from Blast Technologies facility. The G6R offers one of the most smoothest firing operating marker that has a soft firing sound signature. Weighing in about 1lb 14oz the marker is lighter then any other extreme high end markers with it's extreme 3D CNC milling for styling and mill through body that gives it an agressive look while keeping it light. What differs this from the Gen 5 Intimidator is the high efficiency, less recoil, lower operating pressure and longer body platform. All these advantages help create the lightest, high performing and stylish gun on the market.


  • G6R continues the revolutionary Tradition in the paintball world of the Bob Long Intimidator
  • Shoots 2100+ Shots out of a 68/4500 Tank
  • Break Beam Eye system prevents the marker "chopping" paintballs that can decrease accuracy
  • 3D CNC Milling gives a unique body style and also creates a light weight paintball marker @ 1lb 14oz
  • Easy Bolt removal for quick cleaning if a break is ever made down the breech
  • Easy Maintenance to quickly get back into the game
  • On/Off ASA with Bleed
  • G6R Standard Bolt
  • Hoseless design on the marker prevents leak issues from the traditional hose system which means less headaches and time consuming maintenance

New 2012 Features:

  • Frenzy Programing Electronic Board
  • Separate OLED Board
  • Cam Drive ASA


  • Marker Weight: 1lb 14oz
  • Est. Rate of Fire: 26+BPS (2 eyes installed)
  • Air Propellant Use: Compressed Air or Nitrogen only (Low Pressure Output Strongly Suggested)
  • HPR Pressure: 160-180psi
  • LPR Pressure: 65-75psi
  • 4c Gen6 Eye Compatible: Yes (Included)
  • Trigger Activation: Microswitch
  • Trigger Adjustment: Travel and Activation Point
  • Barrel Threading: Autococker

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