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BT Magazine Pack - Black

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The BT Magazine Pack system is a unique paintball pod carrying device. Allows players to carry up to 8 additional pods to their marker system but does not hold a tank. Each Pouch on the pack carries 4 pods, The bottom side strap allows players to open and take out a loaded pod while the top hole can be used to put in empties. Carry all the ammo you want and don't lose your empty pods on the field! One size fits all with the velcro belt and tightening straps.


  • Carry up to 8 Pods to the field for longer or heavier fire fight games
  • BT Camouflage pattern to help keep you looking great with your current BT Gear
  • Velcro Waist Strap and Elastic straps allows a one size fits all
  • Put back your empty pods in your pack easily by sliding it into the top of each pouch
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