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BT Apex2 Barrel - 98 - 14"

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The BT Apex2 Barrel allows players to increase their range and do multiple curve shots to reach their targets without directly shooting at them. The new stealth look of the Apex2 allows players to achieve a true milsim silencer appearance that is a matte black finish and able to be painted over easily. The Adjustable Ramp allows you choose how much of a curve you would like to customize each shot and hit your targets easily. Completely tool less design allows for easy maintenance and cleaning. 


  • Increase your range and 9 different curve positions allow your paint to hit indirect targets
  • Sleek stealth appearance allows players to complete their milsim look together with the Apex2 Tip
  • Adjustable Ramp technology allows the degree of curve to be custom made for each shot you take
  • Complete tool less design for easy cleaning and maintenance
  • Barrel Compatible with: Tippmann 98 ACT Platinum Series

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