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BT-4 Delta Elite Marker

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BT Paintball strives to create markers with a real-world look and feel. The BT Delta Elite paintball gun design is based on the world’s pre-eminent submachine gun and is the choice of many players who desire authenticity. While it looks like it’s straight off the battlefield, it has some advanced features that make it an awesome paintball marker. Manage the number of paintballs you can shoot with the Electronic Grip Frame, offering multiple firing modes, such as semi-auto, adjustable ramping and full auto. The Rip Clip force feeds paintballs using sound–activated HALO technology and when paired with the E-Grip and Double Trigger, puts more paint in the air than your opponent can duck. The Apex Barrel can create custom shot trajectories, specifying left or right hooks, drop shots and even extended range.

There’s no place to hide from the player using the Elite. The Delta Elite paintball gun has an adjustable stock for a comfortable fit and adjustable range rear sight for accurate shooting. The small, compact size is perfect for Close Quarters combat and the rate of fire will ensure you emerge victorious. The Delta Elite is tough, its baked on coating can withstand impacts and the quality construction assures it will continue to fire. Whether using CO2 or compressed Air, the Delta Elite paintball gun gives you the edge over the opposition and guarantees your day will be fun.


  • Lightweight, Balanced Construction
  • Impact-Resistant, Baked-On Coating
  • Adjustable Stock
  • Works with CO2 or Compressed Air

    BT Apex Barrel

  • Multi-step trajectory control
  • Allows extended range (even in wooded areas)
  • Offers left hook, right hook or “drop shot” curves

    BT Electronic Grip Frame

  • Double finger trigger
  • Semi-Auto, 10, 13 PSP ramping, 10, 13 NXL full-auto

    BT Rip Clip with HALO Technology

  • Sound-activated, force-feed loader
  • Holds over 200 paintballs


  • 1 x BT-4 delta elite marker
  • 1 x BT-4 rip clip
  • 1 x BT Electronic Grip Frame
  • 1 x BT Apex barrel
  • 1 x BT Barrel Sock
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