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AxetenZe Empire Axe Paintball Drop Back Rail

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The AxetenZe Empire Axe Rail Drop allows Axe users to drop their tank down lower and move the tank either forward or back creating a more comfortable marker set up. If you drop your tank with this upgrade you can move your tank lower for a higher marker set up, this allows for a better and more comfortable holstering of the Axe for more accurate shooting. Making a more compact or longer marker set up if someone needs to play in compact small places or longer if they want a more rifle feel to a gun. Easy to install on the marker as it directly works with the marker regulator, few miniutes or doing a full clean to the gun will make the Axe feel completely different!


  • Make your axe feel completely different when you holster the gun which can give you a more comfortable feel
  • Drop the tank lower for a taller gun set up to help make accurate shots
  • Easy to install upgrade as it takes seconds to set up and install
  • Black Dust Colour to help match any Empire Axe colour variation

*Note: Does not include locking washers even thou it says it on the instruction manual

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