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100rd GXG Pods

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The GXG 100rd Paintball Pods are the idea size for players who looking to have a pod size between the length of a 50rd and 140rd while still holding enough paintballs to help you get through each firefight you get into! These have the same width of most 140rd paintball pods that will help eliminate the worry about these fitting in your pack or vest! The spring assisted lid gets you access to the paintballs easily so you don't have to fuzz over a lid that is half open during loading your loader! Pick these up and have enough ammo with you for those extra long games!


  • Holds up to 100 0.68 caliber paintballs
  • Spring assisted lid helps you pour the paintballs into your loader easily
  • Smooth pod surface allows for snag free movement when installing and removing pods from your harness or paintball vests
  • Tactical Olive colour gives the paintball pods a tactical look

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