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We carry paintballs at all prices, for beginners on up to practice paint for the pros. How your paint is stored and shipped is critical to its performance, and we store your balls as if they were our own. (Because they are, at least until you buy them.) We also carry re-usable paintballs and paint grenades. Buy your paint by the bag or by the pallet if you're a field owner. We have the best prices around. It's that simple.

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.43 Caliber 2000c Bottled Paintballs.43 Caliber 2000c Bottled Paintballs
68 Caliber Powder Ball - 10 rd tube68 Caliber Powder Ball - 10 rd tube
Empire All Star PaintballsEmpire All Star Paintballs
Empire Evil Paintballs
Empire Evil Paintballs
Empire Formula 13 Paintballs
Empire Formula 13 Paintballs
Empire Heat Paintballs
Empire Heat Paintballs
Empire Hotbox PaintballsEmpire Hotbox Paintballs
Empire Marballizer PaintballsEmpire Marballizer Paintballs
Empire Marballizer Paintballs - 500 BagEmpire Marballizer Paintballs - 500 Bag
Empire Polar Ice Paintballs
Empire Polar Ice Paintballs
Empire Premium Paintballs
Empire Premium Paintballs
GI Milsim 50cal 2 Star - 2000rdsGI Milsim 50cal 2 Star - 2000rds
Nelson Oil Based Paint (box of 120)Nelson Oil Based Paint (box of 120)
Tiberius First Strike Paintballs - 100rdTiberius First Strike Paintballs - 100rd
Tiberius First Strike Paintballs - 40rdTiberius First Strike Paintballs - 40rd
ZBalls .50 Cal Rubber Ball - 1000 rdZBalls .50 Cal Rubber Ball - 1000 rd
Zballs .68 Caliber Rubber Ball - 10 rd tubeZballs .68 Caliber Rubber Ball - 10 rd tube
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Of all your gear and supplies you need for the sport of paintball, your paint might be the item you think about the least (ironically enough). Why is this ironic? Well... the game is paintball... not "paintgun" or "air tank" or "awesome camo pants and jersey paired with a tactical vest to tote your gear." We have all that stuff, too, but any of those names would just be lame. So... paintball it is.

But what sort of balls are you shooting through your gun?

The Care and Handling of Your Paintballs

Believe it or not, your paint makes a huge difference in the performance of your paintball marker, your accuracy -- and your overall fun vs. frustration ratio when you play paintball! Let's face it: busted balls, in your gun or in the bag, are frustrating and a waste of money. And paint that hasn't been handled properly, stored in a climate controlled warehouse and shipped safely just isn't going to shoot right.

At, we store our paint in a climate-controlled warehouse and rotate stock so that when it gets to you, it's in the best shape of its life. We have all paint grades for every type of player, along with reusable paintballs (reballs) and paint grenades for tactical paintball games and scenario adventures. We even carry the newer .50 caliber paintballs for a different game experience.

Choosing Paint

When you buy paint, there are a number of things you might want to look for, with three factors being the most important: the strength of the shell, the thickness of the fill and the price.

Pro players want a nice thin shell for easy breaks on opponents and thick fill that can't be wiped. Recreational players may want to pay a little less and get balls that have a slightly harder shell. The fill isn't quite as important, although you still want it to be thick and bright.

Of course, you may think about other things when you buy paint -- the kind of case your paint comes in, the color of the shell and the fill, maybe even the name. But if you get the right type of shell for your game and a paint that goes on thick and stays on, you've made a good choice.

Which brings us to the next big consideration -- and for many recreational paintball players, it's the number one factor.

Major Paintball Brands at the Lowest Prices Around

Whatever you're playing, you want the lowest prices you can find on your paint. That's where Internet shopping at helps. If you see the same paint we carry priced lower anywhere else in Canada, we'll match the price plus give you an additional 10 percent off the difference.

We carry the top names in paint from Empire, RPS, Valken and Tiberius Arms First Strike, plus reusable paintballs like Reballs  so you can practice for even less money.

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