Paintball Protective Gear

During a round of paintballs you not only have paintballs flying at you but you have to worry about your surroundings as well! The ground isn't that soft if you choose to slide or take a dive for cover also those trees and bunkers can be a problem as well! Not to mention with a layer of protection you can also promote paintball bounces as well that will make your opponent curse your name to the high heavens! Protect your body, limbs and joints with our selection of protective paintball gear with these awesome popular brands like Dye Paintball and Empire Paintball.

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Protect that body of yours with the selection above so you can arrive the same physical condition when you leave as you came in. We can't help you if you loose all day but hey at least you can come back after each round battling out for that big Win! We offer some of the best forms of protection with the following brands!

Dye Paintball protective goods are made to be one of the most lightest and compact level protection available. The protection hasn't change but why change a good thing? These pads will slip under your gear easily and comfortably that won't hinder your mobility and weigh you down!

Empire Paintball always has your back when it comes to quality and affordable levels of protection. You can keep your body covered head to toe with Empire Pads that will make you feel like Superman when you play. Play as hard as you want and these pads will keep you protected (within reason).