Paintball Hoppers & Loaders

Your paintball marker can only shoot as fast as you can feed it. That's why a fast loader, sometimes called a paintball hopper, is a necessity for today's high-tech paintball guns. Whether you're going for style, speed, ease-of-loading or a slim profile, has all the paintball loaders, as well as accessories and upgrades, you need at the best prices in Canada.
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Paintball hoppers have advanced since the days of simple, gravity-fed loaders. (Gravity-fed is just a fancy way of saying the balls drop straight into your paintball marker with no help from electronics or mechanical parts.) Today's DYE Rotor loader feeds 50 balls per second -- faster than any mere mortal could ever hope to shoot -- without consuming batteries faster than a fat guy snarfs down franks in a hot dog eating contest.

Paintball loaders like the Empire Prophecy and the Halo offer options for color shell kits so you can upgrade your paintball gun and get a new color without buying a new hopper to match. (We all know how important that marker/hopper/tank cover color combination is to serious players with an image to uphold).

We sell all major brands and styles of paintball hoppers, including Halo hoppers, DYE hoppers, Tippmann A5 and X7 cyclone feed hoppers, DYE and Proto loaders, Empire loaders, BT Rip Clip loaders, gravity fed hoppers and parts and upgrades for most paintball hoppers on the market today.

High-End Loaders for High-End Paintball Guns

High-end paintball guns like the Invert Mini and DYE NT and Matrix need high-end paintball loaders that can keep up. Or maybe you need a super-low-profile X7 hopper for your new Tippmann Phenom. Whatever your style of play, whatever your choice, make no mistake: your hopper affects your game.

Choosing a Paintball Hopper

The right paintball hopper balances your paintball marker perfectly so it feels like an extension of your arm, so you can dive and slide effortless, or stalk through the woods during a tactical paintball event. When you get the right loader, you never have to think about it again. It will feed without jamming, permit you to fill it effortlessly even in the heat of battle, and just be there when you need it with smooth, quiet operation.

Whatever your game, has the best selection of paintball loaders at the best prices in Canada, a hassle-free return policy and a lifetime service warranty. Because sometimes, hoppers break. We're here to help you out if they do.