Harnesses & Packs

Players often ask us how do I bring more ammo with me when I play? Paintball packs are used to help you load up more paintballs with you within paintball pods so you don't have to constantly worry about how much paint you have left in your loader! Paintball packs come in all shapes and sizes but don't forget to pick up paintball pods!


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When you are choosing pod packs you shouldn't look at the brand name to help make your decision, you actually need to list out your needs and that really does help you in the end to get the proper pack! 

First off find out what kind of paintball you will be playing woodsball or speedball. This is one of the most important things you need to figure out is that typically woodsball packs feature a pocket for a tank on the pack for remote line play that causes the packs to be wider and make a larger target profile. Speedball packs are made to be light, durable and more technology in the ejection system. 

Second is to find out how many pods you want to carry, the more pods you want to have on your pack the larger the pack will be that results in a larger pack that is a larger target profile! 

Third how much you want to spend, packs can vary in prices because of the technology incorporated also the branding as well. GXG is priced the lowest with Dye being priced the highest!

Here is a generalized list of what makes each brand the best!

BT Pod Packs - Great woodsball system that offers various camo and pack orientations
Dye Pod Packs - The lightest and seamless design but primarily for speedball
NXE Pod Packs - Most durable and sturdy pod pack that has one of the top tier in Pod ejection system
GXG Pod Packs - Offers both scenario and speedball packs at an affordable price, perfect place brand for beginners.