Paintball Guns

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You're crouched behind the taco, curled into a little ball, your fingers dancing over the trigger and waiting for that perfect shot. You'll settle for the corner of a hopper, a heel that's not quite tucked in... but he's been popping in and out and with the aim on your new paintball gun, you know you can shoot him right in the face. That's what it's all about.

When you're in the heat of battle, whether you're in the woods or on a tournament field, you need to know you can trust your paintball gun. It can look great in the staging area, all shiny silver, red, or maybe an awesome blue-to-green fade. But today's players need paintball guns that perform as good as they look. carries all the major brands that deliver exactly what true 'ballers need: speed, reliability, light weight ergonomic bodies, and the latest paint jobs. Because as much as you don't want the other guy to see you on the field until they're smearing your paint off their face, you want to turn heads during lunch break, right?

High-End Electronic Paintball Guns

Do you remember your first high-end paintball gun, a trigger pull so light you just had to think about shooting and it let loose a stream of 15 paintballs in half a second? We do, and man, was it sweet. Today's high-end electros have only gotten lighter, faster, more powerful and even more air efficient.

If you've never shot faces with one of these miracles of modern engineering, it's time. If your baby is looking a little long in the tooth, maybe you need to step up to one of this year's models. Whatever you're looking for, whatever your reason, you've come to the right place.

From the newest DYE NT line, the Planet Eclipse Ego, Bob Long's G6R and more, has all the latest high-end electronic paintball guns for the serious tournament paintball player right up to the pro level or weekend warriors who don't settle for less than the best.

Mil-Sim Paintball Guns

Remember when a Tippmann was the woodsball gun to have just because it was black? Guess what? Tippmann is still one of the top brands for mil-sim paintball play -- and the 98 Custom is still a top performance paintball gun for rec warriors and serious scenario shooters.

But today's mil-sim guns mean business, with stocks, red dot sights, and foregrips that help them look -- and perform -- even more like real steel. Choose from Tippmann X7, Tippmann A5 and more, Spyder, BT Paintball, Tiberius Arms, Rap4... all the major brands of realistic looking mil-sim paintball guns to help you step up your game and play with the big boys. Because you know when the masks go on and the barrel covers come off... this means war.

The Best Prices on Paintball Guns in Canada and A Ridiculously Easy Return Policy

Whether you're looking for a DYE or Planet Eclipse tournament paintball gun that shoots up to 45 balls per second, a starter Tippmann or Spyder paintball gun, a cool paintball pistol for scenario games, or a serious woodsball machine gun that looks just like "real steel" we've got it.

With a super wide selection of paintball guns in Canada, we also offer the lowest prices around and a lifetime service warranty. You just can't beat that. If you find a lower price anywhere in Canada, we'll match it plus give you and additional 10% of the difference just for keeping us honest.

Read our hundreds of paintball gun reviews before you make your choice, or give us a call. We're players just like you, so we love to talk paintball and we know how important it is to choose the right paintball gun for your game.