CO2 Tanks

Co2 tanks are the basic air systems to be used for the basic mechanical system markers. It is an inexpensive system to pick up for your marker at various of sizes.

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Co2 were one of the first air systems to be used for the paintball market. Due to the availability of Co2 at the time, most markers in the 1990's were adapted for the technology. While Co2 is cheap and inexpensive the problems with co2 is that within the tank it is a cold liquid substance.

With Co2 within the tank and is a compressed gas that in turns to a liquid wihtin the tank. With liquid co2 it can make it's way inside the marker that can result in orings being frozen and can tear pre-maturely. Also with co2 after propelling the paintball there is a chance the vapors will condensate within the inner diameter of the barrel that can effect accuracy of your next shots.

While there are a few disadvantages of using Co2, there are a few benefits. You are able to get more shots out of a 20oz co2 tank than a standard 48/3000 tank and also able to fill Co2 tanks at more places then compressed.

While there are a lot of advantages and disadvantages, pick this tank up if you need something inexpensive and have no ability to get your Compressed Air tank filled.