Paintball Clothing & Protective Gear

You're a paintballer. You know how important it is to look the part with the right paintball clothes for tournament speedball or tactical paintball in the woods. The right paintball pads and protective gear to keep you safe, and the right look to keep you hidden in every environment. takes our paintball clothing and protective gear as seriously as we take all the other equipment we carry. Whether you're looking for tournament paintball pants and paintball jerseys, tactical gear in camouflage patterns, or casual clothing to showcase your love for our sport, we've got it at the best prices around and no hassles at all.

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We won't try to sell you with a cheesy cliche like "The clothes make the paintballer." (Even though it's true and, after a hard weekend of down-and-dirty paintball in the woods, it's really tempting to take the easy shot, so to speak.)

We won't talk about how the right paintball clothing, whether it's DYE tournament gear in bright primary colors or a tactical paintball jersey, changes the way your opponents view you. We also won't talk about the comfort and playing advantage a pair of high-end tournament or tactical paintball pants with padding in all the right places can offer to your game.

You already found us, so we know you're looking for the best paintball clothing selection at the best prices. Then what's left to say?

Let's look at it this way. Since the game of paintball first began back in the woods in 1981 (Canada saw it's first outdoor paintball field open two years later in Toronto), players have used clothing to their advantage. We weren't there, but we're close personal friends with some people who were, and, trust us, people have been using paintball clothing to change their image and offer a tactical advantage for decades.

The right layers, loosely fitting just right, encourage bounces. And there's nothing illegal about that. Meticulously padded paintball pants protect your knees, thighs and other even more important parts, while (again) promoting bounces when the balls come at you from a distance.

The right camouflage in the right environment can completely change the way you play woodsball. But so can brightly colored jerseys in the woods. (If you've ever heard of the American powerhouse paintball team Blue's Crew, you know exactly what we mean.)

So, sure, your paintball clothing really can improve your game. Now the question remains: What are you looking for?

Paintball Clothing and Protective Gear for Tactical and Speedball Players offers everything you need in paintball clothing and protective gear, including jerseys, pants, gloves, kneepads and elbow pads to make your game that much more comfortable.

We've got chest protectors, camo wraps to cover your gear as well as you've got yourself covered, headwraps and helmets. Gear up for the paintball war games you love and send the message to your opponent that you're not messing around.

We've also got casual paintball wear so you can look as good off the field as you do on it.

Casual Paintball Clothing for Living the Life You Love

Paintball is a lifestyle, and when you pull on a hoodie bearing the name of your favorite brand, you're promoting the sport we all love, wherever you are. And if you have a job that actually encourages it... well... we respect that, since we pretty much every t-shirt in our drawers bear the name of a paintball company we support.

Ridiculously Simple Satisfaction Guarantee

There's one thing about buying clothing online, and we get this, too. It's not always easy to know how something is going to fit just based on a size on the label. Small, Medium, Large, all the way up to XXL for the big guys. But if you take your best guess and still aren't happy with the fit, the style, the look, the feel... anything at all, really, we'll take it back and give you a store credit for something you do like. No questions. No risk. No worries.

What's your paintball style? Find it here.