Paintball Barrels

Ever since Dave Youngblood got into the business of manufacturing upgrade paintball barrels to replace the stock barrels on the tournament paintball guns of that era, paintball barrels have become the first must-have upgrade for any paintball player as they make the jump from newbie to serious weekend warrior or semi-pro tournament player. Get yours here.

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What can the right paintball barrel do for your game?

More than almost any other part of your paintball gun, the paintball barrel affects your accuracy, your agility and even your confidence level. Just think about how you felt when you were the first person on the  bushball field with a BT Paintball Apex barrel -- and how cool it was when you were lobbing balls over the wall and splatting your opponents before they knew what hit them.

The right paintball barrel gives your paintball marker better balance to give you more maneuverability on the field, better accuracy to shoot more opponents more often, and it truly separates the new players from the guys and girls who know the drill. It's also a great way to change the look of your paintball gun while simultaneously improving performance.

Look Like a Pro with the Right Barrel

It's a common scene at tournament events -- players dropping paintballs through barrel back to find the best match. Pros just don't use the stock barrels that come on their gun, no matter how good that paintball gun might be. They just don't.

Paintball Barrels: Does Size Really Matter?

Tournament players swear by matching bore size to paintball size for better accuracy. The better the paint fits inside the barrel -- especially in those first few inches out of the gate -- the straighter your balls will fly, the experts say. If you want to improve your game and the look of your gun with a modest investment, a new barrel or a barrel kit is the way to go.

Upgrade Paintball Barrels: The Perfect Gift

Parents, if you're looking for a paintball gift that will be used at every game, appreciated, and will really show your kids you understand their favorite sport, you can score a good barrel for under $100 and be parent of the year.

What's Your Game? carries paintball barrels threaded for all major brands of paintball guns and from all major manufacturers. Check out our line of paintball gun barrels and paintball barrel kits, which include: Bob Long, BT, Custom Products (CP), Deadly Wind, DYE, GOG, J&J Ceramic Barrels, LAPCO, Lucky 15, TechT and Tippmann.

Whether you need a high-end barrel kit for your tournament paintball gun, or a flatline barrel for tactical paintball play, get it from