Paintball Air Tanks

Just like you and me, our paintball markers need air to live -- and by live, we mean shoot tons of faces and help you capture the flag. Even pump paintball guns and pistols need air, usually in the form of little CO2 capsules affectionately known as 12-grams. Whether you need a monster tank or enough 12-grams to last the season, we've got the air tank you need to play the game you love.

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Buying an air tank for your paintball gun should be more than just an afterthought. It's a hefty expenditure, relatively speaking, and impacts many aspects of your game. It's not the most glam paintball purchase you'll ever make, but your air tank and regulator affect:

  • How long you can stay on the field
  • The balance, weight, look and feel of your paintball gun
  • How easily you can chrono your paintball gun to your preferred safe speed
  • Your accuracy, since accuracy has a lot to do with consistent speed

Based on this list, we could say your air tank and regulator combo affects every aspect of your game. So you want the best your money can buy, and you want to buy it from the best source for paintball gear. We understand. You want the lowest price, the best service, and knowledgeable reps that can help you choose the air source that's right for you.

Understanding Paintball Tanks

As tanks go, carbon fibre offers the latest in paintball tank technology, and is both sturdier and lighter than aluminum. It's also more expensive, but tournament pros and serious 'ballers believe it's worth the extra cost. Many wouldn't dream of going with anything less.

Aluminum tanks, however, are safe, durable and affordable for beginning players. Aluminum air tanks are designed to last many years and are great for mechanical and electro paintball guns alike. If you're upgrading from CO2, an aluminum tank is a safe, affordable and reliable option.

We've also got CO2 tanks so you always have a spare, and 12-gram cartridges for ever-popular paintball pistols and pump guns.

Not Just Paintball Tanks

You'll find a wide assortment of paintball air tanks and bottles on our website, but you'll also find a lot more, including regulators, tank covers to keep your bottle safe during the slides into the snake, grease, parts, and more. Bottom line: If you need it to keep your paintball gun going, we've got it.