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One of the most popular paintball guns of all time, especially with new entrants to the sport. The Tippmann A-5 is a high performance paintball marker with the patented Cyclone Feed System. The Cyclone Feed System Links the Feeder Sprocket to the Air System. The faster you shoot, the faster the Tippmann A-5 feeds. Pull the Trigger 15 times a second, and the Tippmann A-5 feeds 15 balls per second.

The Tippmann A-5 is also easy to clean and maintain with its no tool field strip feature. Innovative technology, maximum firepower, unsurpassed accuracy and Tippmann durability are the core foundations of the all new Tippmann A-5.

Tons of upgrades are available so you can mod it to look and perform even more amazing.


  • Aluminum Die Cast Body with Black Finish
  • Cyclone Feed System
  • Ability to attach remote line system to the marker
  • Compatable with Co2 or HPA Propellant Systems
  • Customize the marker from appearance to performance from many manufactuers
  • Selector Switch 
  • 2 year manufacture warranty

New Features:

  • Cyclone Feed System for more consistent feed rate and reliability
  • External Selector Switch
  • Stock Barrel 8.5" Micro Honed Barrel and Porting for increase accuracy 
  • Redesigned Internal Bore for faster field stripping and easier maintenance
  • Lighter Receiver Design reduces the overall weight
  • Redesigned Tombstone Connection to do faster maintenance
  • Sling Mounts
  • Low Profile Hopper included
  • Black Gasline for stealth and heavy duty construction


  • Tippmann A5 Marker
  • Low Profile Hopper
  • A5 parts kit
  • A5 Manual
  • Tippmann Oil


Feel confident picking up the Tippmann A5 marker for yourself that it will keep working under any conditions and customize the look to make it your own.

Tactical-Mod Tippmann A5 M4 Modern Assault KitHurry! Only 1 item left
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The Tactical-Mod Tippmann A5 Modern Assault Kit gives your gun a facelift that makes your gun look more aggressive while providing you the items you need to win on the field. The Kit consists of a 416 Weaver Shroud, M4 Magazine Gas Thru, Magpul XTM Weaver Panels, Magpul Quick Pull, CTR Stock, Magpul MBUS Back Up Sights and Magpul PTS AFG1 Foregrip! These accessories truly make your gun look almost to the real thing while making your gun rifle style for accurate shooting!


  • Turn your plain Tippmann A5 into a M4 Modern Assault Rifle for a realistic look that will impress everyone on the field
  • 416 Weaver Shroud enables you to attach tactical accessories on to your gun like flashlights, lasers, red dots and scopes
  • Magpul AFG1 angled foregrip gives your hand a comfortable place to holster the gun so you can make those headshots
  • CTR styled stock is adjustable to help give you gun several steps in length to accommodate any player
  • Dust black finish gives the player a stealthy ninja look and the ability to do custom paint work to help match your gear!
  • Compatible only with new 2011+ Tippmann A5 Paintball Guns


  • Tactical-Mod 416 Metal Weaver Shroud 
  • Magpul XTM Weaver Rail Covers (Black) x 8
  • Tactical-Mod M4 Tippmann A5 Gas Thru Grip
  • Magpul AFG1 Angled Foregrip
  • Magpul (Paintball) CTR Tippmann A5 Stock
  • Magpul PTS MBUS Back Up Sights

** Note: Gun is not included **


Tippmann Tactical M4 Modern Package

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