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TechT Tippmann A5/X7 Cyclone QEPHTemporarily Out of Stock You Save:
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The TechT Quck Exhaust Piston Housing (QEPH) is an upgrade for the Tippmann Cyclone Feed System. The QEPH allows the loader to vent out excess gas quickly and easily which means you can feed faster and use less pressure. The QEPH allows gas to vent forward and backwards on the piston, this means more venting on the cyclone rod which allows for faster responses and faster loads which gives you a higher rate of fire! This is a direct replacement from the stock unit and is actually suggested to be used with the TechT Lightening rod and TechT Vortex mod for optimal performance. 


  • Vent the gases in the Cyclone Feed system for faster response which gives you increase load times for higher rates of fire
  • Lower pressure is needed to operate for a slight increase of air efficiency for more shots per tank
  • Direct stock replacement from stock piston housing on the cyclone feed system
  • Recommended to be used with TechT Lightening Rod & Vortex for optimal performance
  • Only Compatible with Tippmann Cylcone Feed Systems
TechT Tippmann Vortex Mod SSTemporarily Out of Stock You Save:
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The Vortex SS Mod is the same as previous versions that gave extended life to your cyclone feed system with more consitent feed rates but now added with a few more features that will help anyone new on installation. The Teflon Hard Coat aluminum internals replace the original plastic components that have tendecies to rapidly fail if used especially on high rates of fire. The internal strengths also do not flex like plastic does giving the ability to have consistent firing rates to prevent slow downs or even the chance of double feeding your paintball marker. 

The new features of the Vortex SS Mod is the new Axel being made out of Stainless steel, this allows the axel to have even a longer life time from the previous aluminum axels. The piston rod now connectors to a stainless steel pin (included) that is held in place by a set screw (included) instead of using the traditional pin placement that can be difficult to put in place after taking it out originally. Using a large one sided port near the axel the spring guide can be easily installed. 

The Vortex SS Mod successful increases the rate of fire in all Tippmann markers with Cyclone feed system while giving extended life and consistent performance. This is the "MUST BUY" upgrade for all cyclone feed system users.


  • Durable high performing Vortex Ratchet System
  • Stainless Steel Axel for longer service life
  • Ratchet Spring Guide Port for easy installation
  • Stainless Steel Connector Pin & Set screw replaces the traditional pin for easier installation
  • Consistent Feed Rate
  • Lower Pressure Operation
  • Higher Rates of Fire 
TechT Lightening Rod 98/A5/X7 Cyclone Feed UpgradeHurry! Only 2 items left You Save:
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The TechT Lightening Rod enables users with Cyclone feed systems to achieve higher rates of fire and also increase their air efficiency. By using a brash bushing connection point between the ratchet and rod, you will get a smoother action that requires less air pressure to push. Easy installation and best used with the TechT Vortex SS mod to achieve best results!


  • Increase Rate of Fire and Air Efficiency
  • Light weight and durable aluminum billet construction
  • Brass bushing enables for smoother cycles
  • Operates at lower pressures
TechT Tippmann 98/A5/X7 Cyclone Squishy Paddles - DS+In Stock You Save:
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The TechT Squishy Paddles for your cyclone feed system helps prevent your loader in becoming a blender instead of a feeder. Easily installs in the cyclone feed system in seconds with two choices of the top portion of the paddles. The two different styles of the paddles allow users to choose either faster feeding or less pop corn effect to get more consistent feed. Must need item for all users of the Cyclone Feed System for their Tippmann markers. 


  • Soft paddles to help feed in paint gently without causing breaks
  • Easy installation that doesn't require you to take the whole entire gun apart for installation!
  • Must need accessory for all cyclone feed systems
  • Two different top paddles for different styles
  • Taller Paddle for more consistent feed
  • Shorter Paddle for faster feed rates

TechT Cyclone Feed System Upgrade Kit

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