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The Spyder Fenix is redesigned for the 2012 season! For people who don't know much about the Spyder Fenix, it was the company's flagship gun in previous years, as one of the most popular beginners' marker! The Fenix is redesigned cosmetically but also has new design features that will help increase the rate of fire, reduce the amount of paintball chopping and also achieve higher air efficiency meaning more shots per tank! The EKO Valve that was premiered in the Spyder MR4 made its way to the Fenix, allowing you to achieve 1600 shots per 20oz co2 tank fill! The "LEAP" circuit board gives players a rate of fire up to 25bps with 3 different firing modes (Semi-Auto, Ramp P & Ramp M). Working along side the board is the Break Beam "Anti Chop System," making sure every paintball is positioned correctly before shooting reducing the amount of ball breaks and achieving more accurate shooting! The regulator has been overhauled with "SE Technology" that allows a fast recharge and consistent velocity, meaning accuracy will increase as the paintballs will always get the same amount of "push" as the last one! The last thing is the new "Saber" trigger, giving players a smooth and more natural trigger pull helping players reach up to 25bps. Pick up the Fenix for any beginner player, to get a slew of features and modes so they can keep up to anyone else on the field!


  • Redesigned 2012 Fenix houses new updated features and increased performance
  • 25 balls per second (BPS) fire rate allows you to rain a ton of paint down on your opponents
  • 1600 shots per 20oz Co2 tank fill means more time shooting and less time filling your tank
  • Anti Chop Eyes makes sure the paintball is perfectly positioned before firing, this leads to less time cleaning your gun and more accurate shooting
  • 9V Battery Operated electronic lasts up to 2000 - 2500 shots 
  •  3 Different Firing Modes (Semi-Auto, Ramp P & Ramp M)
  • Operates on both Co2 or Compressed Air
  • Leap II Circuit Board 
  • Adjustable SE Technology regulator gives more consistent velocity which means more accurate shooting
Empire Halo Too Loader - Matte BlackHurry! Only 1 item left
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The Empire Halo Too Loader is a motorized loader that force feeds paintball into a marker making sure that there is always a ball next to be shot. With the force feed function in the Empire Halo Too loader players can achieve higher rates of fire and prevent lots of messy paintball chop situations. The Empire Halo Too loader will load a paintball everytime it hears the marker fire with it's fine tuned microphone system, this cuts down the amount of parts traditionally found on loaders that makes this loader as reliable as it can be! The Empire Halo Too loader uses a hard durable plastic that can withstand the punishment from every day play and the bumpy ride in the gear bag, this loader will stand up in any situation! Pick up the Empire Halo Too loader and you won't have to "shake" your loader again to unjam itself!


  • 20+ bps to help keep up the high rates of fire you want to achieve
  • Ultra quiet belt drive keeps you stealthy on the field
  • Freeway Anti-Jam keeps your paintballs easily flowing into your gun 
  • Sound activated feeding cuts down the amount of parts that can break down
  • 180 ball capacity carries plenty of paintballs before you need to reload
  • Low battery indicator makes sure that you stick in fresh batteries so the loader doesn't die in the middle of the game
  • 1-hour auto Shut-Off saves your battery life so you don't have to keep on buying battiers
  • Matte black coloring keeps your loader looking stealthy and sleek
  • Compatible w/ Halo & Reloader shells
  • Durable hard PVC shells helps the Empire Halo Too stand up to any form of punishment on or off the field
  • 4 x AA Battery Powered (Not Included)
Ninja 48Cui 3000psi - Aluminum TankTemporarily Out of Stock
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The Ninja 48cui 3000psi Tank is a great size of tank that have players who are ready to switch from Co2 or want their first tank to be HPA. The Ninja tanks have high performing regulators that will keep up to extreme rates of fire while giving consistent flow. The regulators are also adjustable from 850-800psi to 550-450psi on an output pressure, by adjusting the output to match your gun’s needs you can increase air efficiency. The regulator bonnet is ASA threaded and should fit in all matter of markers without any problems. Pick up the Ninja 48cui 3000psi tank and immediately increase your accuracy and marker life.


  • High performance regulator
  • 48cui size HPA tank for lightweight and size appeal
  • Adjustable Regulator output 850psi or 450psi
  • Aluminum construction tank
  • DOT & TC Certified
  • Increase accuracy with HPA instead of Co2
  • 5000psi Gauge shows pressure left in tank


  • Regulator Construction: Brass
  • Tank Construction: Aluminum
  • Stock Output Pressure: 850psi
  • Low adjusted Pressure: 450psi
  • Maximum Filled Pressure: 3000psi
  • Certifications: DOT & TC
  • Hydro Lifetime: 5 years from manufacture date stamp
  • Bonnet Threads: ASA Universal Paintball 

**Note: Aluminum Thread Protector no longer included
**Note: All tanks are shipped empty due to shipping restrictions and safety

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The Empire Vidar Goggle system is the new line of the Middle Range quality goggle from Empire Paintball that offers wide range of vision with a thermal lense to help prevent fogging issues. The VIDAR Empire goggle utilizes the JT Spectra thermal lens which is gives a 260 degree view angle with thermal dual pane technology, this will prevent 80% of all fogging issues to help give you a clear view to help take out the enemy. The soft molded face mask helps protect players facial area while bing soft enough to help increase the chances of bounces to help keep you in the game and molded specifically to promote better voice projection and excellent ventilation to prevent heat build up. The mask is contoured to help you aim down the sights on your gun when it's holstered so you can get your face closer to the gun to make those clean shots. Pick up the VIDAR is you need a mask that does not fog, gives a wide range of vision, soft, light and uses a lens that is widely used and available for replacement.


  • VIDAR Goggle is an affordable and comfortable mask for beginners or intermediate level players for their first and second mask
  • Soft molded face mask allows for proper voice projection, ventilation and contoured to help prevent the mask getting in the way when you are trying to line up your shots
  • Dual Pane Thermal JT Lens included gives 260 degree range of view and fog prevention technology for clear vision
  • Flexible soft face mask helps encourages paintball bounces to keep you in the game longer
  • Woven empire strap with silicone beading to help keep your mask in place to prevent it slipping off your head
  • Hypo Allergenic Spectra face foam that creates a seal around your eyes to prevent fog and comfortable for long games
  • Includes Visor to block out the sun or rain
  • Frames wide enough for players that needs glasses while they play
  • Chin Straps prevent mask from slipping off your head

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