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Milsig is back with its new M17 line of paintball guns that offer tactical players a reliable platform to dish out the punishment while able to keep working every time you pull the trigger. The M17 operates with the new Heat Core that requires little maintenance while having unmatched performance for consistent and accurate shooting. The main feature is the full automatic mechanical firing operation that allows players to make the paintballs rain on their opponents without using a battery capable of reaching rates of fire of 15 bps! The Milsig M17 is magazine and hopper capable; this makes the gun capable of limited ammo or regular play by simply installing the dummy magazine (included). All Milsig markers are Tiberius First Strike ready and require no adjustments to use the ammo type, making this marker one of the most accurate guns to shoot!

The M17 CQC model features a cost effective mag fed paintball gun in a polymer composite body and shroud. The polymer composite body is lightweight but extremely durable while bringing the cost of the gun dramatically. The shroud features a monolithic top rail extension to finish the look of the gun while able to have tactical attachments like scopes, red dots and flashlights to be installed easily. Pick up the M17 CQC and get into the world of tactical paintball with a magazine fed or hopper system!


  • Magazine or Hopper fed paintball marker sports a tactical look that players are always seeking
  • Heat Core bolt system requires little maintenance while offering reliable performance every time you pull the trigger
  • Mechanical full automatic is capable up to 15 bps without the need of batteries, just flip the switch from semi to full automatic and make it rain on your opponents
  • Ambidextrous magazine release switch makes the gun comfortable for either right or left handed players 
  • AR-15 style cocking handle and grip makes the gun easy to have it battle ready while adding a realistic look and feel to the gun
  • First Strike ready paintball gun requires no adjustments to make to use it, have one mag filled with First Strikes while the other regular ammo making it easily swappable when you need either!
  • 2 Pin maintenance making the marker almost a tool-less system to clean and maintain
  • Fire Selector switch has three modes; safety, semi-automatic and full automatic (15 bps)
  • Polymer composite body keeps the marker lightweight while durable and affordable for any level of players 


  • Length (Stock installed): 694 mm / 27.23 inches
  • Length (Without stock): 397mm / 15.63 inches
  • Body and Shroud Material: Polymer Composite
  • Bolt: Heat Core
  • Firing Modes: Semi-Automatic / Full Automatic (Adjustable to burst)
  • First Strike Ready: Yes
  • Feed Type: Magazine or Hopper
  • Barrel Threading: A5/X7/BT


  • M17 CQC Paintball Marker
  • Barrel Plug
  • 18 Round First Strike Compatible Magazine
  • MAT 13cui Compatible Stock (13cui not included)
  • Polymer Flip-up iron sights
  • Polymer CQC Shroud
  • 190 mm / 7.5" Barrel
  • Manual
  • Tools
  • Spare Parts Kit

*13 cu tank sold seperately.

Ninja 3000psi 13cu Tank - V2In Stock You Save:
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New V2 Design:

  • Ball Valve Seal
  • 30% increased flow
  • PeeGee laser engraved bonnet

The Ninja 13cui 3000psi Tank is a small style HPA tank that players who play Limited Ammo or Pump style will often use because of the lightweight appeal. The Ninja tanks have high performing regulators that will keep up to extreme rates of fire while giving consistent flow. The regulators are also adjustable from 850-800psi to 550-450psi on an output pressure, by adjusting the output to match your gun’s needs you can increase air efficiency. The regulator bonnet is ASA threaded and should fit in all matter of markers without any problems. Pick up the Ninja 13cui 3000psi tank today for your limited ammo or pump marker! 


  • High performance regulator
  • 13cui size HPA tank for lightweight and size appeal
  • Adjustable Regulator output 850psi or 450psi
  • Aluminum construction tank
  • DOT & TC Certified
  • Increase accuracy with HPA instead of Co2
  • 5000psi Gauge shows pressure left in tank


  • Regulator Construction: Brass
  • Tank Construction: Aluminum
  • Stock Output Pressure: 850psi
  • Low adjusted Pressure: 450psi
  • Certifications: DOT & TC
  • Hydro Lifetime: 5 years from manufacture date stamp
  • Bonnet Threads: ASA Universal Paintball

**Note: All tanks are shipped empty due to shipping restrictions and safety


Empire Helix Thermal Goggle - BlackTemporarily Out of Stock You Save:
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The Empire Vents Helix Thermal Goggles is the perfect mask for either beginner to use or a field for it's rental fleet. Large viewing lens with it's light weight and durable mask base, there's no question this should be the first mask you need to get if you are tired of using scratched up rental goggles at fields. The included thermal lens is a great feature to pick up with this mask due to it's fog preventing technology to keep a clear wide vision at all times. Change out the lens with the Empire Vents quick change lens system to thermals easily and adjustable tension strap to help keep it in place!

  • Thermal Lens Light Weight Goggles
  • Thermal lens prevents fogging issues for a clear view at all times
  • Durable Plastic Shell for years of use
  • Quick Change Lens system making lens replacement fast and easy
  • Compatible Lens: Empire Event Thermal Lens
  • Adjustable Tension head strap
  • Included visor helps keep rain and run out of your eyes
  • One Size Fits All making selecting this mask simple 
  • Large Lens viewing area for wide vision to prevent blind spots

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