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The Trracer marker is one of the original mass produced pump action marker to come pre-installed with an auto trigger. Anyone that has been playing for more then 12 years still remembers using this at one point, by either owning one or using it on a field. Using similar original design internals for great reliability and even able to swap out from the original marker. The Updated parts of the Trracer pump is featuring Picatinny/Weaver rails on the pump handle and on the main marker body. Trracer marker uses a cocker threaded barrel that can be upgraded with any after market barrel. The Auto Trigger featured on the old pump is featured and kept with the new, just hold down the trigger and keep pumping the gun and see the continual shots pouring out. First Strike Capable Breech allows players to insert the rounds for each shot to be a true and sniper action. Pick up the gun for a great accurate marker and a piece of history. 


  • 0.68 Caliber Pump Marker helps you give an accurate shot each time you pull the trigger
  • 14" Cocker Threaded Aluminum Barrel for a great accurate shot and able to upgrade easily with after market barrels
  • Picatinny Rails featured all over the marker giving the ability for a wide range of upgrades to be attached
  • Auto Trigger if you ever need a few fast shots
  • 45 Degree Trigger Frame for a comfortable grip
  • First Strike Compatible Breech System
  • Compatible with both Co2 and HPA
Co2 tank (12 oz)In Stock
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This 12 oz co2 tank will arrive to you tested and ready to be filled and used in competition directly out of the box the day you receive them. These tanks are equipped with the most durable pin valve in the industry. The All CO2 Systems are extremely reliable at every level of play. With proper care and hydro-testing every five years, the lightweight, durable aluminum cylinders will withstand a lifetime of activity.


  • Durable brass construction
  • Safety purge valve
  • Ready to be used out of box


  • Item Weight: 2 pounds


  • Refillable for continual use

**Note: All tanks are shipped empty due to shipping restrictions and safety

JT Prime GoggleHurry! Only 2 items left
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The JT Prime goggles are the perfect mask system for beginners to pick up and have as their first mask. The mask offers great amount of protection for the face as the full face guard protects against paintball impacts while looking new and aggressive as any new player does not want to look like a wimp and brand new. The mask offers a 180 degree of vision that offers not amazing range of vision but adequate enough to quickly see your opponents and have clear lines of shot. The lens used in the JT Prime is a single pane lens with a for resistant coating that helps prevent fog issues but an upgrade thermal lens will help prevent many fog issues that can come up. The integrated visor helps cover your eyes from the sun and helps prevent rain from getting into your eyes. The flexible mask gives you a great comfortable mask perfect for the beginner paintball player!


  • Perfect for players who are looking to play paintball for the first time and need a quality clear mask
  • 180 degree range of view gives adequate vision so players can easily see their opponents
  • Fog Resistant single pane lens helps prevent fogging but thermal upgrade lens will eliminate 80-90% of all fog issues
  • Integrated visor helps block out the sun and rain while you play
  • Flexible structure makes this a great comfortable mask that lets you play without worry
  • New aggressive styling helps make this mask look non "Newb" making any beginner player more then happy to pick this up
Empire Multi Caliber Loader - 100rdIn Stock
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The Empire 100rd loader is a gravity fed loader that is capable of feeding 0.68, 0.50 and 0.43 caliber paintballs. The capacity is 100 capacity is determine by the maximum amount of 0.68 size round since it is the largest sized one. The loader is capable of feeding different calibres because of the pre-installed adapter which loads .50 & .43 sizes at first but needs to be removed to feed .68! This is a simple and basic size loader but is great for something inbetween the 50rd and 200rd gravity fed loaders and perfect for the pump players that want a bit more in capacity! 


  • 100rd Gravity Fed Loaders for standard feednecks (non Tippmann cyclone)
  • Multi-calbre paintball loader capable of feeding: 0.68, 0.50 and 0.43 calibre paintballs 
  • Removable adapter to feed 0.68 calibre paintballs
  • Spring lid quickly opens the hopper lid for fast reloading

**Loader must be taken apart to remove adapter **


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