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The BT M16 Omega is a great replica style marker of the M16/M4 rifle that shoots 0.68 caliber paintballs. Based on the reliable and durable BT Combat internals. Firing cycles are similar to all BT Markers so switching between the two should feel the same. The BT Omega differs from the other BT line of markers as it comes stock with the Adjustable Collapsible Carstock, M16/M4 Front shroud and also mock magazine foregrip. Having a Adjustable Carstock on your marker will allow you to have a stable firing position and adjustable to accomdate any arm lengths for players. The marker features a weaver rail mount and a permanent M16/M4 Carry handle on the top of the marker. With this realisitic appearance on the BT Omega M16 Marker, you can intimidate your opponents before you step on to the field!


  • M16/M4 mock replica marker that allows you to complete your milsim experience
  • BT Combat Internals that give reliability and a familiar firing cycle to each shot you take
  • Adjustable Collapsible Car stock to accomodate all arm lengths and also help give you a stable firing position
  • Mock M16/M4 Magazine that works as a comfortable compact foregrip
  • M16/M4 Mock silencer to help give appearance and also attached iron sights to help line up each shot
  • Permanent carry handle featured on the top length of the marker that allows weaver based rail mounts to be attached

New Features:

  • Now BT E-Grip Compatible
  • New Style Straight M4/M16 magazine
  • Apex Ready Barrel Tip


  • Marker Length: 80cm
  • Marker Higher: 28cm
  • Weight: 2.2 kg
  • Caliber: 0.68 paintball
  • Loader: Standard Gravity Feedneck
  • Propellant: Co2 & HPA/Nitrogen Ready


  • BT Omega Marker
  • Instruction Manual
  • Spare O-Rings
  • Allen Keys
  • Barrel Sock
  • Pull Thru Squeege
Co2 tank (20 oz)In Stock FREE
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The 20 Oz Co2 tank is the most popular tank size for semi auto and full auto paintball markers.  Expect to get 800 - 1100 shots depending on your marker and the setup.  This tank is refillable at most paintball fields, stores, and even some hardware and sports stores.  Or you can purchase a Co2 fill station and rent a large Co2 cylinder and fill your own paintball Co2 tanks!


  • 800 - 1100 Shots per fill
  • Weighs 1.75 lb empty
  • 27cm x 8cm x 8cm

**Note: All tanks are shipped empty due to shipping restrictions and safety

Empire Helix Thermal Goggle - OliveTemporarily Out of Stock
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The Empire Vents Helix Thermal Goggles is the perfect mask for either beginner to use or a field for it's rental fleet. Large viewing lens with it's light weight and durable mask base, there's no question this should be the first mask you need to get if you are tired of using scratched up rental goggles at fields. The included thermal lens is a great feature to pick up with this mask due to it's fog preventing technology to keep a clear wide vision at all times. Change out the lens with the Empire Vents quick change lens system to thermals easily and adjustable tension strap to help keep it in place!

  • Thermal Lens Light Weight Goggles
  • Thermal lens prevents fogging issues for a clear view at all times
  • Durable Plastic Shell for years of use
  • Quick Change Lens system making lens replacement fast and easy
  • Compatible Lens: Empire Event Thermal Lens
  • Adjustable Tension head strap
  • Included visor helps keep rain and run out of your eyes
  • One Size Fits All making selecting this mask simple 
  • Large Lens viewing area for wide vision to prevent blind spots

Empire BT M16 Omega Promo Package - free co2 tank

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