JT Paintball Masks

JT has been a well known company in the paintball world for it's wide range of vision with a clear and optical correct so you can see everyone on the field clearly to make those critical moves when you need them. JT makes masks for Paintball and airsoft from beginners to professional level!

Airsoft: JT Delta
Beginners: JT Prime
Professional: JT ProFlex & JT Flex 8 

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JT Flex 8 GogglesJT Flex 8 Goggles
JT Delta 2 Airsoft Goggle - SkullJT Delta 2 Airsoft Goggle - Skull
JT Flex 8 Full Coverage - OliveJT Flex 8 Full Coverage - Olive
JT Pro Flex Thermal Goggles - BlackJT Pro Flex Thermal Goggles - Black
JT Proflex Thermal - Black/Clear
JT Proflex Thermal - Black/Clear
JT Proflex Thermal - Silver/Green/Purple
JT Proflex Thermal - Silver/Green/Purple
JT Proshield Thermal - BlackJT Proshield Thermal - Black
JT Proshield Thermal - Olive
JT Proshield Thermal - Olive
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