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The Vand'Hals - Sponsored Team

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Team Mission

The Vand'Hals are a scenario milsim team from Quebec. Different look, different style of play, all paintball!

Montreal, Quebec
Home Field
In the market for a new field!
Team Captain
Jonathan Redmond

Team Roster

  • Jonathan Redmond (C)
  • Didier Berard
  • Vincent Matte
  • Tommy Delarosbil
  • Carl Beaulieu
  • Isabelle Normand-Dubreuil
  • Vincent Lagace
  • Thomas Delwaide
  • Hugo Monette
  • Paul-Alexandre Bigonesse
  • Patrick Chamblay
  • Nicolas Demers
  • Christian Vivier
  • Robert Vivier
  • Erick Poulin
  • Guillaume Ouellet
  • Francois Pellerin
  • sebastien hebert
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