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Saskatoon HAVOC's Disciples - Sponsored Team

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Team Mission

One of Saskatoon's up and coming amateur paintball teams playing in the CPPL for the 2013 season. The team consists of players of different ages and experience, all with an outstanding commitment to paintball and much love for the sport. We are very pleased to be representing Divide 'N Conquer Paintball and Paintballgear.ca in our 2013 Season.

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
Home Field
Team Captain
Graydon Buxton

Team Roster

  • Kyle Pouliot
  • Avery Shandler
  • Patrick Streisel
  • Harry Rivington
  • Thomas Hayes
  • Graydon Buxton (C)
  • Justin Pouliot
  • Joshua Seib
  • Clint Trotchie
  • Thomas Hayes
  • Garret Laberge