Dye Rotor Loader

When you need a loader that is both fast and reliable the Dye Rotor is the loader for you. The Dye Rotor is a hard shell loader that is designed to withstand any form of punishment in any weather condition while able to feed paintballs at 50 balls per second (BPS) consistently into your gun. Pick up a Dye Rotor for your gun and it'll be the last loader you will ever need for Paintball.

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The Dye Rotor is the most popular force feed loader to be made for paintball because of it's reliability, performance and styling. The Dye Rotor uses an electric motor powered by AAA batteries that enables the rotor to feed up to 50+bps. Many professional teams choose the Dye Rotor as it can be often be seen used by other teams in pictures and magazine photos. While being an electronic loader often the batteries need to changed but the Rotor battery life will feel 50,000 paintballs before needing to be changed! No other loader compares to the speed and reliability of the Rotor, this loader can take any form of abuse and still keep loading like brand new.

Pick up your Dye Rotor Loader and start getting an increase rate of fire immediately from your paintball gun.