Dye Paintball Masks

Along with making some of the best high-end electronic paintball guns, DYE also makes paintball masks with a sleek design for tournament pros and weekend warriors alike. Check out the cutting edge i3 and i4 lines, many equipped with high definition, thermal lenses that actually improve your vision. Fans, timers, and anti-fog technology, DYE masks have it all. Because you deserve the best.

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Quick: What's your most important piece of paintball gear? If you didn't say your paintball mask, you might not be using your head. We mean it. Paintball history holds lots of stories of savvy scenario paintball players winning games without even carrying a paintball gun, but you can't play paintball without an approved paintball mask.

But you're an old-timer and you know this. So why are you still wearing that beat up old paintball mask from 1995? Isn't it time to treat yourself right with a top of the line paintball goggle system designed for a serious paintballer? Something from the Dye i3 or i4 series, for example.

The right paintball mask says so much about you as a player. Your marker may be coming at your opponent first, but they're probably going to notice your mask before anything else. After all, we're conditioned from birth to look at people's faces. (Plus, it can be an easy target if you're not in the right position, so you want to watch out for that, too!)

As a serious player, you want your mask to say "Fear this!" DYE offers a range of goggles designed with series paintballers in mind, from the DYE i3 Pro Goggle System to the i3 and i4 Liquid line, the lightest mask and goggle system on the market with the widest field of vision, too. The high definition lens (no, that's not just for your television screen) on the i4 Liquid paintball mask actually helps you see fine details better. Needless to say, the cutting edge ventilation technology means these goggles just don't fog, either.

We know you're serious about paintball. It's time you got the high-end mask to match your high-end paintball gun. Check out DYE Paintball masks and goggles from Paintballgear.ca and take your look to the next level.