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Air Fills offers fills at the Coquitlam location to fill almost all cylinders. We can fill all sizes of compressed air tanks for paintball ( maximum 3000 psi fills of pure nitrogen). We also can fill your CO2 tanks for paintball, JacPacks, soda machines and brewery cylinders. If you got a CO2 or Compressed air tank, chances are we can fill it. Pricing will vary by size of the bottle.

CO2 Fill Pricing
4oz - 8oz$4.00
9oz - 12oz$5.50
16oz - 20oz$10.00
Soda bottle - 14oz$10.50
Soda bottle - 33oz$23.00
5lb beverage cylinder$32.00
Compressed Air Fill Pricing (max 3000psi)
35ci - 52ci$9.00
68ci - 72ci$11.00
88ci - 114ci$14.00
 * taxes extra.

Our address is:

Unit 101 - 85 Schooner Street,
Coquitlam, BC, V3K 7A8

Phone: 1-604-520-0092 / 1-866-805-9385

Right next to the Hard Rock Casino.

For directions, please click on the link below