CCI Phantom Paintball Pump Guns have been consistently popular in paintball due to their high accuracy while retaining great air efficiency and quiet sound signature. The Paintball Pump community has been growing making it a very niche group but they usually develop better overall skills in terms of accuracy with a one shot one kill mantra!

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DYE paintball guns have been the tournament paintball marker of choice for the Ironmen and countless other professional paintball teams. DYE Paintball markers combine incredible speed with accuracy, light weight and virtually no recoil - plus wicked good looks.

The paintball gun doesn't make the player, but when you step on the field with a DYE Paintball marker, you're telling your opponents you don't mess around. You take this game seriously, and you probably have mad skills behind that 33-plus balls per second machine gun.

Fully Loaded Tournament Paintball Guns

When you want a paintball gun so tiny you can squeeze behind the smallest taco with it and no one will even be able to get the corner of your Rotor loader, when you want the legendary accuracy of a DYE barrel, (one of the best on the market!) and when you want a frame so light the gun feels like an extension of your hands, you want a DYE paintball gun.

From the time-tested DM Series to the new kid on the block, the NT, the DYE line of paintball markers are easy on paint but simply cruel to your opponents. Sticky grips make it easy to adjust settings or change batteries with no tools. DYE Paintball guns offer countless adjustment settings -- from trigger pull to rate of fire -- so you can set your marker up exactly the way you like it for any style of play.

DYE Paintball Markers for Serious Players

Professional players and enthusiasts know a high-end electro paintball gun is an investment in this game we love. Choose your favorite colors and design for a marker like no other on the field. Whether you want a DYE Paintball gun for its looks, feel, performance or all three, you really can't make a better choice.

And when you buy from, you'll get a lifetime service warranty for your DYE Paintball gun. You know it's your dream gun. Go for it.