BT Paintball Guns

Empire BT Paintball markers are designed for woodsball paintball players, with a realistic look and feel, durability and accuracy in an affordable package. BT paintball guns are suitable as both entry level markers (BT-4 Slice, M16 Omega and G36), and advanced tactical paintball guns (TM-15, Dfender). Don't forget to check out the array of BT Upgrades if you are wondering what you can do with the gun after you get it or you already own one!

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Are you a hardcore mil-sim player looking for a paintball gun that sends a loud-and-clear message to your opponent that you mean business? BT Paintball has been around since 2005 with the introduction of the revolutionary Apex barrel. (When we say revolutionary, we're not kidding -- it makes your balls spin.)

Since that time, the company has helped define the mil-sim style of paintball play. What's that really mean, without the marketing-speak?

BT paintball markers look and feel like real steel, with the perfect combination of durability, reliability and style for paintball. Basically, we think they're bad-ass.

We'll let you in on one of the most poorly-kept secrets in paintball. BT stands for "Battle Tested." These paintball guns have been through the rigors of 24-hour scenario play, close quarters combat (CQB), and hours of rec play and have stood up to it all.

From the best-selling TM-15, now available in woodland and terrapat camo patterns, to the original BT-4 Combat, we've got BT Paintball markers for beginners, rec-ball players, scenario teams, and paintball fields.

We Service the BT Paintball Markers We Sell

If you've already been around our website a bit, you know that we're all paintball players here. And the truth is, we like BT Paintball guns. We have certified BT Paintball marker techs on staff to service or upgrade your BT Paintball gun, and we can help you make the best buying decision for your budget. With so many models and upgrade parts to choose from, it's easy to customize BT paintball guns for the way you play.