Bob Long Paintball Guns

Bob Long has been making high end paintball markers for over 10 years that have led to amazing innovations and now standard technology in most high end markers. These markers are poppet markers which makes them highly reliable and accurate while being easy to maintain also to clean. These are all electronic controlled which allows for high rates of fire and allows the marker to have adjustable modes of fire. The current Intimidator the G6R gives players a high end performing marker for intermediate to expert players at a mid range price, these markers are compact, light and fast while giving you an accurate shot that is ball on ball! Pick these up as these are a big favourite to the crew as we have all at least owned or still currently use them today!

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 Bob Long has been making markers since 2000 and revolutionized the tournament series paintball guns with innovating features like electronic controlled valve for markers and break beam sensors that make sure a ball is fully ready to be shot instead of the messy chops. 

Bob Long Intimidators have spanned 28 different variations over the span of 6 years. These variations are primarily the same internally but had different cosmetic differences with it's 3D Milling. Most markers are mass produced overseas while Bob Long guns in general if it is a Victory, Marq and the Intimidators are made in the USA proudly. 

Bob Long keeps one thing consistent in all his gun, make the gun fast, smooth and efficient. The Bob Long G6R incorporates all of those feature while being one of the quietest poppet style guns to date.