Add On Packages

Can't decide on what you need with your first paintball gun or picked up a used gun off someone(craigslist)? Take a look at these packages and add them on to your gun as these we would recommend with your first gun!

HPA Packages will work with all guns we carry while CO2 should only be primarily be used with Spyder/Tippmann guns.

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Paintball is somewhat hard to get into, there's a lot of information you need to know before picking out a gun, mask, tank and hopper! This section we'll give you a hand as we designed these packages to work with the majority of out guns and also help you at a discounted price! These discounts are usually done in store but we can offer them online! 

HPA will work on all guns we carry and is the needed propellant for the following companies
Bob Long
Dangerous Power
Empire (Axe & Mini)

Co2 is a cheaper way to get your marker working but has disadvantages as you get a decrease in accuracy, weather dependant and can only be used with the following guns!