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Wednesday Gear Review - TechT Products

By Jono Tan
Published Wednesday, March 26, 2014.

First you get your gun, you use it a few times and now you want to make it better than the others you see. It's a natural thing to want to be or have something better than your neighbours so many players start to look at items to swap out!

TechT Paintball has made upgrades for Empire, Spyder, Proto, Dye and even Bob Long over the years but they are most famous for their line of Tippmann upgrades. While the guns work great by themselves, you can start increasing your rate of fire, consistent feed rates and even start using high-end paintballs! We'll list a few that are often our best sellers!

TechT Squishy PaddlesThe Cyclone Feed system uses a paddle system to help push paintballs into the breech but the stock paddles are hard that can break or crack paintballs especially at high rates of fire. The squishy paddles help fix that problem by being soft to bend around the paintballs during the loading cycle. Swapping the paddles are only takes mere minutes with a Philips screwdriver, you won't immediately notice the difference until you start using it with tournament level paintballs.

TechT TiPX Delrin BoltThe Tippmann TiPX paintball pistol is a gun you will often see at least once every time you head to the woodsball field. While the gun is compact, lightweight and easy to use, the gun can sometimes be a bit too hard on paintballs by using Co2! Replacing the stock metal bolt with a delrin bolt, players can see a jump in performance in terms of lower recoil and increase air efficiency! Installation can be a bit tricky by it doesn't hurt to do a full gun clean while the gun is fully apart!

TechT X7 Phenom Fang Trigger

What's the point of having a E-Grip and not able to shoot fast? While you could easily switch it to full automatic and call it a day, you tend to start using more paintballs and hitting less targets. By installing the Fang Trigger on an HE Grip frame for your Tippmann gun, you instantly increase your rate of fire at semi-automatic mode just like most speedball guns operate. While this might be one of the last items you think about upgrading, it'll definitely be worth the time and money when you start using it.  The Fang is perfect for pulling the trigger with two fingers instead of just one!

While there are more upgrades you can select for your paintball guns, these are just the most popular ones we see flying off the shelves! Click Here to take a look at the entire selection of TechT items we carry and stock!

If you have any questions about a specific TechT Product we carry or not, leave a comment here and I'll answer back as soon as possible!

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