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Wednesday Gear Review - Pods

By Jono Tan
Published Wednesday, April 9, 2014.

Pods pods pods, you're going to see them at every paintball field as this is primarily the only way you're going to bring more paintballs with you unless you're loading your pockets up (not recommended). When you first see them you might wonder what they are and often get called "Tubes", don't call them that to a player, they'll know you're new and no one wants to look like a newbie.

This is often the most cost effective way to get more ammo with you on the field and simple to use. Here are two type of paintball pods you'll most likely see on the paintball field!

Dye 160rd Lock Lid Pod

The Dye lock lid pods hold up to 160rds of paintballs and are often the tallest. Using a unique ribbed exterior it can hold additional paintballs without getting too wide. A simple thumb release hinge will spring open the lid and out of the way so you can just easily pour the paintballs into the loader. Using a smoke style exterior, it helps reduce the amount of sunlight/heat directed towards the paintballs while still able to see how much is left! While being one of the largest pods we offer, they are often the most expensive. These are mostly for people who take great care of pods and don't forget where they dump empty ones on the field. 

GXG 140rd Paintball Pod

The other alternative choice and most popular is the GXG 140rd paintball pods. These pods are generally going to be seen most often just because of the price point. Almost half the cost of a Dye Lock lid but only holds 140rds. The lid is opened by extended lip with a spring open assist. While being cheaper than the Dye Lock Lids, they are often the weakest as they can be easily crushed or damaged if stepped on. If you are on a budget, these are most often going to be in your pack!

Hopefully this clears up a few questions you might have at selecting a pod for your pack! If you have any other questions about pods, let me know! 

Jono Tan
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