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Wednesday Gear Review - Dye Rotor Loader

By Jono Tan
Published Thursday, April 3, 2014.

Some players like to tinker and customize their loaders to make it work perfectly with their gun, this can take a lot of effort, time and wasted paintballs to achieve the desired results. The Dye Rotor was designed to feed as fast as mechnically possible while designed to just simply work in any conditions possible. 

Dye Rotor Paintball LoaderThe Rotor boasts that using a combination of the Rotor’s carousel and arm moving at opposite directions, the loader can constantly feed the paintballs at 50+ balls per second (BPS). When the loader is fully loaded spring tension at the arm will automatically turn the motor off to help conserve battery life but once you start shooting will instantly start forcing the paintballs into your gun. 

The shells are made from PVC plastic material for durability; there have been featured videos of players trying to destroy the Dye Rotor from dropping it from 2 stories up a building onto concrete to literally setting it on fire. The low profile and smooth body design has literally saved me a few times with paintball deflections and helping keep my target profile small that made me fairly hard to hit.

The only downsize with the loader is that you often feel that the loader can’t hold as much as others out there. The specs say it can hold 200 rounds but in my experience it can get just get over 180 comfortably. Anything higher than that and you can experience jamming on the level of a over stuffed clown car. If a jam does occur during shooting your gun, the shark fin tail at the bottom of the loader can quickly free up any issues to quickly get you back into the game. 

While the loader is designed rather well other companies like Exalt and Virtue have designed their own line of upgrades for the Rotor. The most common type of upgrade that is seen is the replacement of the lid for a speedfeed for faster reloads.

Starting at around $225.50 will get you a standard colour loader but a few bucks mode gets you one that truly looks unique! This is a big investment but for players who are just looking for something simple, this is a no brainer decision as this will last you years.

If you have any other questions on this loader or any others, leave a comment and I'll answer!

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