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Wednesday Gear Review - Custom Products Barrels

By Jono Tan
Published Wednesday, March 5, 2014.

I have used at least 30 different barrels over 8 years of playing paintball. Some I loved and some I hated but I found I always came back to my Custom Product (CP) barrel

The CP barrels offer the best in all around performance at an affordable price. Ranging around the $30-50 price range that has great porting for a quieter shot with an amazing level of internal polish for accuracy. 

Description: P One Piece BarrelThe most important part of this barrel (and others) is the type of polish finish inside the barrel. Having a smooth polish within the barrel keeps the ball spinning in a specific directions. If a barrel doesn't have a great polish (or dirty) you can see your paintballs hitting everything but your targets. Other companies simply do a quick pass when polishing while CP uses a diamond hone and hand polishes each barrel. This careful attention at manufacturing and polishing gives players that laser accuracy they want without having to break the bank! 

If you want this barrel but not the styling, don't forget to check out the CP Tactical Line. Customize the tips and also equip a shroud to give that milsim styling with all the added benefits of weaver rails. 

CP covers almost all of the current gun threads available so you don't have to worry about being left out (maybe except CCI users). I definitely recommend giving this barrel a shot and it'll surprise you when you compare it to higher end barrel.

Do you have any other questions about barrels? Comment down below and I'll answer!

Jono Tan
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