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Wednesday Gear Review - Empire Z2 Prophecy Loader

By Jono Tan
Published Thursday, February 27, 2014.

The loader I always keep in my gear bag and ready to use is the Empire Prophecy Z2 Loader. This loader has always performed exactly what I need it to do without needing to adjust with the settings.

Empire Z2 Prophecy Paintball Loader

The simplicity of the Empire Z2 makes it an simple on/off loader without having to tune the settings to find the optimal balance because of its automatic adjustment system. The loader will adjust its tension and feed rate to the gun after 50-100 shots to help your gun achieve the rates of fire you need on the paintball field.

The weight is surprisingly light for it's shape. Most loaders at that size I have always found them to be bulky and very heavy. The thin body panels drastically reduce the weight while offering a degree of flexibility that promotes paintball bounces! With all the body cuts the loader still retains the durability and can take any form of punishment like diving hard to your next bunker.

With all these great contributing factors for a loader, I always keep coming back to my Z2 Prophecy when I set up my paintball guns. It doesn't hurt that it is reasonably priced at $180 as well instead of the being over $200 like the other top performing loaders.

If you have any questions, leave a comment and I'll answer them!

Jono Tan.
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