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Sunday New Player Tips

By Shane Holmes
Published Sunday, February 23, 2014.

Tip #1 - Shoot and move whenever possible, don't get stuck in one place. Keep them guessing where you are, always try and flank.

Tip #2 - Work together with a friend. One of you cover fires while the other one moves up. Take turns and leap frog up the field. If you don't have a friend make a new one, remember everyone is equal on the paintball field!

Tip #3 - Spend the money on a compressed air tank. It is much easier on the gun, shoots smoother and it is easy to tell when it is running low via the pressure gauge. If you want to go all out get the lighter carbon fibre air tanks.

Tip #4 - Proper footwear is very important. Remember if you are outdoors it could get muddy, and if you are indoors it could get slippery. Outdoors wear good hiking boots or combat boots. Indoors wear good running shoes that you don't mind getting painted up. 

Tip #5 - Avoid leaving the goggles up on your forehead when you are done playing. The sweat from your forehead will cause the mask to fog up and creates a layer of moisture on the inside of the lense. Wear a hat backwards or a bandana or sweatband to add some protection as well as prevent fog by soaking up the moisture.

Shane Holmes


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