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Monday Speedball tips

By Cole Scott
Published Thursday, April 24, 2014.

 This may sound kind of strange and some people may disagree with me on this tip but if you ask most people who are playing at a high level they have done this at one time or another.

  This one is simple guys and gals. Watch pro players play paintball. Watch videos, watch them on Youtube, webcast, etc. Pick a few players who you look up to or play exceptionally well and watch what they do and how they play. Typically if you are a snake player watch other snake players and so on.


  After picking a few players,  watch what they do. Study how they play and find out what makes them better than others. I don't mean watch them and go buy the same clothes as them. Watch their playing style and try to replicate it. Its a good idea to pick a few players and take the best traits from each and try to replicate them.

 I have personally looked up to a number of players over the years. Take Dave Baines for instance. He is one of the best back players to ever play the game. He shoots so many people off the break its insane. I started watching how he played and I got to talking with him a few times early on in my career and my game improved ten fold!

Those rainy days at home can be spent taking your game to the next level instead of wasting the day watching the Notebook or something.... you guys know who you are... ;-)

If you want some ideas of great players, drop me a line and I will get back to you...

Cole Scott

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