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Monday Speedball Tips

By Cole Scott
Published Monday, March 3, 2014.

Today I wanted to touch on a subject that often comes up playing paintball around B.C. The weather. As many players know paintball in the rain, well, sucks. Its hard to see, paint doesn't fly straight, people are always over sliding their bunkers, etc. So when the weather is less than optimal most people will stay at home or skip practice that weekend. This is a huge mistake when trying to get your skills to the next level.

 Paintball events don't stop because of a little bad weather. I have seen some events get delayed, and only one event stopped due to weather in all my years. That being said most players and teams won't practice in the rain. When the skies open up and it starts monsooning out most player's game and skills go right out the window. Personally I have played lots in the rain and so has my team. We used to love it when it was a rainy event because we were used to it when many other teams were not. This gave us a huge advantage on the field. We would shoot their players who overslide; we would have spare visors for our goggles so we could see and lids for our hoppers to keep our paint dry. Because we played in bad conditions a lot we were always ready for these types of events and usually placed higher than a lot of the top teams because we were ready for it.

Don't let a little rain get you side tracked, get your team out there and play ball! It may be miserable but when your playing an event somewhere and it starts raining you know you and your team will be ready!

Cole Scott
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