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By Kurtland Degraaf
Published Saturday, March 1, 2014.

As a long time paintballer I can tell you the ability to see is everything.

 In the middle of a fire fight is it important to still know what is going on. Finding clever ways of remaining in cover whilel looking around the battle field is a skill worth having! Finding that small hole you can see through, or that line through the bushes can save you and your team mates. It can also help spot flanking moves made by the enemy, and thus you can counter.

It really help if your mask doesn’t fog up and there are many tricks to stop this from happening. If you are wearing a hoody make sure to wear your mask over the hood. This will allow the warm air from your breath to escape from the mask via the top. You can also use anti fog spray to aid this though do not really rely on it completely, the warm air still needs to escape the mask.

It also helps to have a mask with a thermal lens. This acts much like ski goggles, with two lenses that have a small space between them for neutral temperature air. 

All of the masks listed below have such lenses.

Hope you found this information useful!

Get out there and use what you have learned and be victorious!

- Kurt


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