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Camouflage tips

By Kurtland Degraaf
Published Saturday, February 22, 2014.

 Camouflage has been around longer then recorded time. From its humble beginnings of covering yourself in mud, to the advance Digital Camo of today it has been used by millions. Camouflage really came into its own in WWII, mainly with concealing bunkers and artillery positions. The use of Camo Nets to distort the shape of the artillery and their crews made it nearly impossible to see them from the air and the ground.

Colouring is very important; you need to make sure that your camo matches your surroundings.  There is even camo patterns designed to work is different environments.

Here are products that can help,


Which brings us to our first tip: While Camo colours and patterns do a lot to hide you, what you really want is to distort the human shape.  Humans are really good at seeing other humans. This fact makes hiding difficult even if in camo. The use of a ghillie suit is the best way to hide a single person, though we all can’t afford them. There are other and far cheaper ways, such as using elastic band to strap twigs and small bits of foliage to your gun or mask can do a lot.

Here is a site that suggests some other methods


Now the second tip: Your movement is also very important! No matter how much Camo you have on you, if you are running around like a bullet, you are going to be seen. To get the most out of your camouflage you need to move slowly and carefully. Staying as low to the ground as you can or crouching helps a lot.

 Knowing when you have been seen is hard but over time you will be able to know when you have been spotted. Kind of like a sixth sense.


That’s all for now! Remember to play safe and have fun!

Kurtland Degraffe


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