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Tuesday Tech Tips - Cold Weather
Cole Scott - Feb 18, 2014
A big part of keeping your gear running at 100% is tuning your equipment for the right season.

Monday Speedball Tips
Cole Scott - Feb 17, 2014
For my first post I wanted to let people know about a small and often over looked part of their equipment. Something could make all the difference in a tournament or practice type setting.

Flashback Friday- Sniper Love
Ryan Dupras - Feb 14, 2014
Sniper Love

Field Rental Tanks
Ryan Fitzgerald - Feb 13, 2014
When we first started in the paintball industry, not many tanks were available to use, besides the heavy steelie tanks we have all known and come to "love." But of course, with advancements and innovation, we have a lot of better options for people.

Empire E-Flex Paintball Goggles - Staff Review
Jono Tan - Feb 12, 2014
What paintball goggle is right for me? 

Tuesday Tech Tips
Rick Hillaby - Feb 11, 2014
Hi everyone, for my first blog entry I thought I would start with the one thing that will inevitably fail you on the field (if you let it!) when you own an electronic marker or loader, your batteries!

Monday Family Day
Shane Holmes - Feb 10, 2014
Family Day is a great time to introduce your family to Paintball. Paintball is perfect for getting exercise, fresh air, and lots of fun for the kids and parents.  

Sunday New Player Tips
Shane Holmes - Feb 9, 2014
Every Sunday we will post a handful of tips for the new paintball player.

Saturday Tactical Q+A
Shane Holmes - Feb 8, 2014
Every week we will share new tips for the tactical paintball player. 

Flashback Friday-Nelson 007
Ryan Dupras - Feb 7, 2014
In the beginning...


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