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Monday Speedball Tips
Cole Scott - Mar 3, 2014
The weather can play a big part in paintball. Don't let a little rain get you sidetracked.

Kurtland Degraaf - Mar 1, 2014
As a long time paintballer I can tell you the ability to see is everything.

Wednesday Gear Review - Empire Z2 Prophecy Loader
Jono Tan - Feb 27, 2014
The paintball loader is part of the key group of items you should take a closer look at when buying with your set up because it will effect the feel of your gun and contribute to your rates of fire!

Sunday New Player Tips
Shane Holmes - Feb 23, 2014
Another handful of tips for the new player looking to get in the game.

Camouflage tips
Kurtland Degraaf - Feb 22, 2014
Greetings Scenario and Bush ballers!  Today we will be talking about Camouflage!

Flashback Friday-The Sheridan Contribution
Ryan Dupras - Feb 21, 2014
The Sheridan Contribution...

Monday Speedball Tips
Cole Scott - Feb 20, 2014
New equipment VS Extra practice....

Wednesday Gear Review - Ninja 68/4500 Tank
Jono Tan - Feb 19, 2014
Tanks act as the paintball gun's "fuel" source to operate and acts as a stock when you install it on your gun. It can be confusing when deciding, what's the right tank for me because there is such a wide selection available. 

Tuesday Tech Tips - Cold Weather
Cole Scott - Feb 18, 2014
A big part of keeping your gear running at 100% is tuning your equipment for the right season.

Monday Speedball Tips
Cole Scott - Feb 17, 2014
For my first post I wanted to let people know about a small and often over looked part of their equipment. Something could make all the difference in a tournament or practice type setting.


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