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Sunday New Player Tips
Ryan Dupras - Mar 16, 2014
Pre-gameday preperation.

Wednesday Gear Review - Empire Pads
Jono Tan - Mar 13, 2014
Paintball is a very physical sport you can't win a game by just sitting on your butt at the back of the field. You need to get down and dirty to get the win but that can involve a lot of running and sliding which is very demanding on your limbs.

Moday Speedball Tips
Cole Scott - Mar 10, 2014
Traveling for Paintball : The Do's and Don'ts

Tuesday Tech Tips
Rick Hillaby - Mar 10, 2014
Today we are talking about manuals.

Flashback Friday-History of Gases Part 1
Ryan Dupras - Mar 7, 2014
Evolution of Gases for the Masses Part 1

Field Rental Masks
Ryan Fitzgerald - Mar 6, 2014
Which mask is the best as a rental mask? Which one is the easiest to clean, maintain, and cheapest to purchase? Which one is best for fogging, glasses and kids?

Wednesday Gear Review - Custom Products Barrels
Jono Tan - Mar 5, 2014
What is the best barrel out there for paintball guns? There are plenty of choices at various prices but I particularly like using a Custom Product barrel on all of my guns because of the quality at a price I can live with. 

Tuesday Tech Tips - Marker Lubrication
Rick Hillaby - Mar 4, 2014
Keeping your markers running one tip at a time!

Monday Speedball Tips
Cole Scott - Mar 3, 2014
The weather can play a big part in paintball. Don't let a little rain get you sidetracked.

Kurtland Degraaf - Mar 1, 2014
As a long time paintballer I can tell you the ability to see is everything.


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