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Splatmaster, Paintball For Kids
Shane Holmes - Dec 5, 2014
Recently when my son turned 9 he was keen to invite friends over and play Splatmaster paintball in our backyard. I was very excited to fulfill that wish and began to get all the gear together in preperation for the big day.

New Payment Methods
Paintball Gear - Oct 2, 2014
We are happy to announce that we now support VISA Debit as a payment option and have re-enbled INTERAC Online.

New Ninja V2 Regulator Review
Shane Holmes - Sep 26, 2014
The new V2 Ninja Regulator

Web-Site Upgrades
Paintball Gear - Sep 19, 2014
Here at Paintball Gear are going to add new features to our web-site.

Tuesday Tech Tips- lense care
Rick Hillaby - May 13, 2014
Keeping you in the game, one tip at a time.

Monday Speedball tips
Cole Scott - Apr 28, 2014
The evolution of top paintball players.

Monday Speedball tips
Cole Scott - Apr 24, 2014
A quick and easy way to elevate your game.

Wednesday Gear Review - Ninja V2 Pro Regulator
Jono Tan - Apr 9, 2014
We like to shoot fast and there 9s a good chance you do too, but in most cases you aren't able to hit the target consistently. There's a reason why and it's often over looked!

Wednesday Gear Review - Pods
Jono Tan - Apr 9, 2014
What's the best and fastest way to bring additional ammo with you on the field? 

Monday Speedball Tips April 9th 2014
Cole Scott - Apr 8, 2014
How Speedball equipment has changed over the years. 


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